Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Go Boys!

I think I'm in a bit of a slump. I don't know exactly what kind of slump, but I have the feeling I need to start exercising. My job is such that I'm sitting in front of the computer pretty much all day. I find a cozy place on the couch, turn on HGTV, set up my work space, and begin trucking away on editing and making beautiful wedding albums. Last night, Scot and I went on a mini-date and took a thirty minute walk around the apartments. I can't tell you how much better I felt! It's amazing how much a little walk in the evening will do for you. This next weekend, Scot is running a 5k. I think I'm going to participate. Maybe I'll go on a little run this morning. It's SUPER nice outside.

Speaking of cool weather, I'm so excited for the weather to change. I have a cute little black coat that I've been dying to wear. I love bundling up and I love that we'll finally get to use our cozy fireplace. The holiday season is approaching! Start getting your Christmas music out and brewing the cider!

In other news, I think I'm actually becoming a Dallas Cowboys fan. I never would have believed this could ever happen, it's just when the game comes on, I'm hooked! Last night, I even had more enthusiasm than Scot! Part of that was because Scot brought home this coupon that read "The number of points that Cowboys score in a game, is the percentage you will receive off your pizza order on game night and the following day." I'm not really a pizza fan, but the Cowboys scored 41 points! That's a really good deal. Also, Scot said this pizza is really fresh and yummy. He even said there were fresh oregano leaves on the pizza top! Back to being a Cowboys fan, I think the reason I'm so into it is because I just love a good competition. Last night's game was so fun! So here's a little picture of me that Scot snapped last night during the game...


Daniel & Tiffany said...

so hot! (sizzle sizzle)

Daniel & Tiffany said...

this is tiffany btw....not daniel