Tuesday, May 26, 2009

happy anniversary :)

Today, Scot and I have been married for two whole years! I can't believe how much I've been blessed by knowing him. Everyday, I learn more and more about how to be a servant and to love this precious man who has given me so much :) I'm so glad that I said yes to that very first date to Midnight Oil, and I'm even more happy that I said yes before he could even finish proposing on October 14, 2006. As we celebrate the two years we've been together, I can only think about the many more we have to share! I can't wait to grow old with him...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Graham-burger :)

Our new nephew has finally arrived! On Saturday morning, my brother called me as I was out the door to shoot a wedding. I was able to pack a few overnight things before Hannah and I drove to Ft. Worth for the day. While Hannah was at Barnes' and Noble catching up on her Harry Potter reading, I photographed the wedding until the happy couple left. Then, we were both off to Temple to meet Graham Levi Stewart, the newest addition to our ever growing family! On the way out of town, my change oil light kept blinking, and I got me a little worried, so Hannah and I (with the help of a slightly creepy smoker at the Shell station) changed the oil in my car. I was so proud! Off to Temple we flew, with a little rain in the sky and some new found confidence in ourselves...because of the great job we did with the oil. Skip to later that evening when we pulled in to the hospital...we were SO excited to see the little guy. He was amazingly handsome with his full head of dark hair. What a beautiful baby! Here's Hannah holding Graham, or Graham-burger, his newly adopted nick-name.

After we visited with Alisha for a while, we drove to Adam's house. First we took a slight detour...TomTom didn't quite know where their house was. As we were driving out in the middle of NOWHERE and saw a scary biker bar, we quickly called Adam to get correct directions. The night ended well with a little bit of tv and some visiting. We slept extremely well that night, and were woken up the next morning by a sweet little head wrapped in a blanket staring at the bed expecting to see his parents. Landon quickly ran out of the room, slightly confused, but in a good mood. Time to get ready for church! Poor little Jonah was still MISERABLY tired as he said, "Please! I'm not ready to get up yet! I'm still VERY tired...I just need to rest!" After running the bath water, he seemed a little happier. Here, the boys demonstrate "silly face/silly hair" in the tub:

At church, the boys were very sweet. We then went off to McDonald's to grab a quick lunch and get up to the hospital. Once there, they both wanted to hold that sweet baby. Here are a few of the fun images of some sweet kids...

This is right after Landon said, "I think I'm gonna call him Graham Cracker!" Jonah replied, "Hey, don't eat my sweet little guy!" They were so sweet while they were holding their new brother. Both of them were so proud!

Here's the whole family when it was finally time to go home. We look forward to many sweet moments with all of the Stewart boys! Our family is very blessed!