Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tessa's wedding :)

Another Stewart wedding took place last night, and what a relief to have it over with! Tessa and Dustin HAHN are now on their way to New Mexico for their honeymoon. There are so many fun stories that I want to share about the day...and I can't WAIT to see pictures. Erin Woolsey of ee photography captured the day. Seriously...there is no one else I would have for this very important job. I was able to enjoy the day and only crack out my camera once!

A few funny stories from the day:

Major caught the garter and was SO pleased with himself. He was sitting next to me and said (holding the garter proudly and raising his eyebrows), "Guess what, Aunt was made in Chiiiiinaaa." I held back laughter as he smiled with excitement. That kid is hilarious! Also, I would have given anything to see what Landon was thinking as we stood on the stage during the wedding. He was looking a little bored but trying his very best to stand on his piece of tape.

Of course, Tessa looked beautiful! It was so much fun being around my whole family. It made me feel so blessed to be living so close to everyone. The few times I did cry were because I wanted the wedding to go on forever so I could spend more time with everyone. I held up pretty well considering I am the biggest ball baby of our entire family! Something that made it easy for me to keep my tear ducts in check during the wedding was something unfortunate that happened to Hannah as she was walking down the isle. I knew her shoes were painfully high....I mean...I don't even know how she was WALKING in them. As she was coming down the isle, I looked at her feet to see how she was holding up. And I saw this....BOTH of Hannah's pinky toes had slipped their way out of those strappy silver stilettos, and she was having a terrible time of it! During the wedding, she used the stairs to slip them back on. Seriously. These shoes were ridiculous. I doubt Hannah will ever wear them again.

There are many more stories to tell, but I'll leave you with a very special one from the rehearsal dinner. Of course, Dad has the same problem as all of us. He just can't quite hold back the tears. He had us all bawling when he said this, to toast to the bride and groom, "Dustin--if you love Tessa even half as much as I love her Mom......(long pause to hold back the extreme emotion of this phrase) will have great joy in your life." To stop everyone from having a complete meltdown, he then said, "Tessa--- you know, you're welcome to come home and visit. But always remember...from Dust you came, and to Dust you shall return!" Dad is famous for these one liners. Seriously...he had us all in stitches!

Well, it's late, and I have to work tomorrow. See you the next time I have something good to say!