Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a thankful heart

This Thanksgiving was so wonderful! The food, the fun, but mostly the family. I've always loved being a part of such a large and loving family. This year, everyone was there except Adam, Alisha, and their kiddos. They sure were missed by everyone! I drove in late Monday night and was joined by my hubs on Wednesday. Scot was sick the whole time, so that kind of stunk, but I never got it, so hoorah for preventive medicine! Now I'm getting back into the groove of things until we jet off to Tulsa for Christmas. Amber's baby is due in a few weeks, so I'm praying she comes a little early so I can be there. I'm also very excited to hear the girl's name. I'm sure it will be a sweet one!

Anyway, here are a few pictures that we took over Thanksgiving. Here's my mom not wanting her picture taken. She ended up laughing at a joke she told. This is SO my mom. Her meal was so delicious this year! My favorite is always the mashed potatoes.

Fresh rolls from the oven...Tessa seems happy!

The kids were so much fun this year! Mary Alice and I made these cute little cupcakes that looked like Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't have my camera at the time, but imagine mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and peas and carrots! My favorite was the mashed potato cupcake. Delish! Maj joined in with the big boys this year and played lots of ball.

Here's the beautiful centerpiece and table settings! I have always loved how my Mom makes everything special during the holidays. Setting out the china and laying beautiful linens....this is a tradition that I want to carry on in our family. I'll take china over paper plates any day!

Oh pies! My favorite! Mom's pies are the best :) I almost ruined all the pies this year because I put the wrong kind of flour in the flour canister. Luckily, they tasted just as good as they always do.

Aunt Barbara and Uncle Ken came down to visit this year which was so great! The kids thought Uncle Ken was especially funny. At first they didn't know when he was joking...but they figured out pretty soon that he was just silly.

Tessa and Dustin went to see "Home for the Holidays" at Bass Hall. I'm sure it was fantastic! Dustin had never been to the symphony, so we got Tessa all dolled up and took a few pics before they left. What do you think of her hair? Aunt Barb and I fixed it.

Last, but not least, brother Ben took a few pics of Scot and me for our holiday card. Any votes for which one we should use?

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving filled with lots of things to be thankful for!