Thursday, November 13, 2008

pies + family = best time of the year

Hey all! My Mom is resting at home after her surgery and getting ready for chemo. Keep praying for her strength and that she gets plenty of rest. We picked up some very cozy pajamas at Soma for her to romp around in. I've never been in Soma, but after getting those pjs, they're going on my Christmas list! The past few weeks have been a blessing, even with the rough news, because I've gotten to spend so much time with my family. On Halloween, I got to trick-or-treat with all my little nephews and sweet niece--sometimes I call her my nice, cause she's just so nice--in their precious costumes. Mary Alice has been so concerned with her Gran (my Mom). She's such a caring and considerate little woman. Also, my older sister and I have been at my parents' house cleaning up and happily eating the delicious food many very sweet people are bringing to my parents. I love my family! We're getting so big that it's becoming hard to schedule holidays. Christmas is with Scot's family this year, but Thanksgiving will be in grand 'ole Cleburne. I'm so excited that (almost) the whole family gets to spend Thanksgiving together. Even my Aunt Barb and Uncle Ken are joining in on the fun! I just can't wait for this wonderful time to spend with my family.

On another note, I desperately need to clean my own home. It's a MESS! I guess this is what happens when I'm gone for a week ;) What would Scot do without me? Just kidding. But I really do need to clean up around here. I smell something funny. I think the kitchen is calling my name.