Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Favorite Thing :)

This is my new favorite thing. The other day, as I was breezing through a magazine waiting to get my hair cut, I saw the most fabulous item. It happened to be on a page that also pictured a light blue box with white ribbons. I'm not really a jewelry person, but I found myself captivated by these. They're absolutely presh. I know what you're thinking....they're from Tiffany's. BIG BUCKS. However, I found the price to not be too awful, especially for how excellent these are. I know that some women have a signature piece of jewelry. I don't. But I'd like to....and I'd like it to be this! So, if you happen to be talking to my husband, will you please let him know that this would be an EXCELLENT birthday present for his beautiful wife. My birthday is in about a month. That should be plenty of time to get the word out. :)

I probably wouldn't get this one, being as it's more than we laid down as our deposit on this house, but diamonds ARE pricey!

My VERY favorite it!

A montage of all the different ones to choose from. You're going to look at the website now, aren't you?