Friday, October 31, 2008



Today satan is trying to rock my world. I got a call this morning from Dad telling me that Mom had bad results from her colonoscopy and has to have surgery today. Cancer. Such a horrible word. It grounds even the most strong in faith. So as I type, my mom, my dearest and best friend, is having surgery. My Mom has always been one of the most amazing people to me. She seriously is so passionate about so many things. I just pray that right now, she's calm and remembers that we serve You, a good God that is loving and gracious and kind. I also pray that I'm not anxious in my thoughts and that I will continue to look to You for your comfort and calming Spirit.

In the Name of your precious Son I pray this very heartfelt prayer.

Monday, October 20, 2008

our state fair is the best state fair in the whole wide world!

So this weekend was pretty busy, but SO FUN! On Friday afternoon, my Dad and I went to the Kimball Art Museum in Ft.Worth and looked at the impressionist exhibit. I love stuff like that! We had so much fun seeing all the amazing art on loan from Chicago. Afterwards, I met my sister and her family at the botanical gardens and had a fun photo session of all of them before their little bundle arrives. It's a girl, and we're really excited! When the photo session was over, I left to meet Scot so that we could have dinner with the Flemings. By the time I met Scot, I was starving! Yum, Tiff...the baked ziti was wonderful! We all watched Ironman and Thursdays' episode of The Office (our favorite show). We were pretty much pooped when we got home.

The next day, I worked on a few Barefeet things while Scot studied. He's in the big middle of the CPA and is in a constant state of tired. While you're thinking about it, say a quick prayer for him. He's extremely stressed. Everyone needs a study break every now and then, so we went to the fair that night with the Browns. We ate so much! Here's a list of all we ate: two foot long corny dogs, a diet coke, a carmel apple covered in nuts, a turkey leg, fried pineapple covered with whip cream and strawberries, a funnel cake, and cotton candy. Now most of that was consumed by Scot, but I definitely ate a lot more than I ever have at the fair. It was so much fun though! I even got a kiss from the top of the ferris wheel! That was my favorite part.

On Sunday, we had a pretty relaxing afternoon. I just worked on some Bible Hour stuff for later that night and watched the Cowboys get slaughtered. I hope their season isn't over. Who loses to the St.Louis Rams? Anyway, I'm off to fix supper.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Early to rise

Scot has been getting up very early lately. I'm not really an early riser. If you know me at all, you know that I love to sleep. On this particular morning, Scot woke me up at 6:12, after he had been up for an hour, and said, "Can I take you to Starbucks?" What a treat! I was so tired, but going on a fun morning date with my hubs was worth being tired. As we drove up to Starbucks, we stepped out of the car to the noise of thousands of birds. Scot asked me if there were speakers in the tree that were playing bird noises. It was dark, but speakers? You're silly, Scot. I got a passion tea and a pumpkin scone. Yum! So now Scot is at work...sad day. He'll be home for lunch though!

Speaking of lunch, yesterday I made the most delicious vegetable/potato soup! It was very hearty as well as low in fat. Let me share the recipe. Sautee the chopped onions and green peppers together with the butter. Add the flour and stir. Pour in the chicken stock then add in all the other veggies and herbs! Cook until the potatoes are soft - about 30 minutes.

1/4 cup of chopped onions
1/4 cup chopped green peppers
1 tablespoon butter
2 tablespoons flour
1 box Rachel Ray's chicken stock
1 cup chopped carrots
1 cup chopped celery
8 medium red potatoes
pepper to taste
dash of salt
sage to taste

In other news, Scot and I went on a bike ride last night. Usually, I'm a little hard to get out the door for a long ride, but I wanted to spend time with Scot. It was beautiful outside and not too cold and he told me it would only be thirty minutes. An hour later, my hiney was sore and I was pretty tired. Scot decided to go the long way around Arbor Hills and we got home just in time for the debate. That cheered me up a little. I ran and took a super quick shower and we ate supper as we watched. I don't really know what to think about that debate. I wanted so badly for McCain to do as good of a job as Palin did on that last debate. She really ripped into Biden. I think she made him look childish and whiney, which is good. If only Palin could debate with Obama...what a wonderful world. Regardless, I know who I'm voting for, come November. I figure if Obama wins, God will use this awful choice of the American people for good.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The other night, Scot and I went on our "date night." We were trying to decide if we were going to go see a movie or just go grab a bite to eat. I absolutely love going to the movies, so that's what we decided to do. I had been hearing about this Kirk Cameron movie, "Fireproof," for a while and it really interested me. Scot had never even seen the previews, but he said we could go. I think he might have been expecting something a little different. It wasn't quite the action movie he had prepared himself for. Yes, the cinematography was not the best I've ever seen, however, this movie was truly a blessing. Through the whole movie, Scot held my hand and kept saying sweet things to me like, "I love you" and "You're really special." It was just a really great date and a very neat movie. If you have not yet seen it, I highly recommend it! It has such profound truths that really touched us.